AEZAKMI is moving on. We have improved the interface. Made the browser even faster. Integrated quick access to basic Facebook tools. We stamp high-quality FB accounts with BM. Now We also launching creatives conveyor!

This is all for you bro! In order your work could be as efficient and comfortable as possible. Casting traffic, getting leads, making money! Stop suffer with constant bans and rejected advertising campaigns.
7 days of AEZAKMI + 10 FB accounts + 3 photos or 1 video creative for FB =
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What's new and how AEZAKMI v1.6 works. It's better to see it once!
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Facebook Accounts
Starting working with the purchased account in AEZAKMI, you just need to specify the path to the cookie file, after which the Account page and the Business Manager page will automatically open.
Account Specifications:
  • Russian mobile IP / Resident IP - own mobile farm: Megaphone, TELE2, Rostelecom
  • Random confirmation by SMS
  • Accounts Verified by Email
  • BM is created in all accounts
  • BM currency is the Russian ruble, dollars are rarely found.
  • 1 click cookie entry
  • Replacing an account if it immediately crashes on selfies or access problems.
Accounts reviews at
Read reviews at fb-killa here
While you warm your account, we and our partner prepare creatives for you
  1. EXPERIENCE IN ALL TOPICS, go to the channel inTelegram to check :)
  2. REALLY FAST, always in touch, we drop even large orders within 1-2 days after receiving the invoice.
  3. Facebook is OUR BUSINESS. We understand the changing mechanics and features of Facebook.
  4. GUARANTEE FOR "NOT APPROVED". We will remake our work for free if there is a mistake on our side!
Reviews on Creatives
Now, MONSTER PROOF!!!111!!11
  • Top antidetect browser AEZAKMI v1.6, adopted for Facebook
  • Quality Facebook Accounts
  • Crazy creatives with a guarantee of "Not Approved"
  • Quick Suppor

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