CJ Plan for 10 days + 10 Facebook accounts = $49
Facebook AD settings via AEZAKMI Browser
AD on Facebook via AEZAKMI Browser
Tired of farming?

The FB account market became down in June 2019. A well-known accounts store offered mediocre quality autoregs, where the characteristics did not match the declared ones. The quality of accounts in the market has fallen, and now you have to buy up any work accounts. At the same time, there are those who sell it at insane prices!

FuckBookShop appeared at the right time in the right place and blew up the market. It was the quality that the arbitration tribunals lacked. There are also not only loners, but also teams known to the entire arbitration community. Low price, quality of accounts and technical support of the store were made their accounts the standard of quality in the industry.

AEZAKMI & FuckBookShop

Our teams have known each other for a long time, so the AEZAKMI team asked to test the new product in real use with FuckBookShop accounts.

The result was brilliant. That is why we decided to give the market a new joint solution selling accounts along with a browser registration fingerprint. This means: Registration Browser = AEZAKMI Browser. There is no browser change and hardware configuration from registration to your login and launch of advertising. More trust for Facebook.

We are currently integrating and automating our tools for mass account registration. But…

Accounts without a browser fingerprint can be purchased now.

Launching ads on Facebook is becoming more difficult, however, this will not be a problem for our customers. You can get not only a simple and convenient solution for anonymity, but also the accounts which is in use right now by those whose reports you are waiting for at the next arbitration conference!

These accounts are not tied to the AEZAKMI fingerprint. The number of accounts is limited, so for each of the Plan we have determined a monthly limit. Accounts can only be purchased with an active AEZAKMI license. Unused account purchase limits are not available for the next month. Moreover, with first buying any AEZAKMI Plan we provide you with 5 free FB accounts for the test.

FuckBookShop accounts are sold only on this site and only with an active AEZAKMI license. Beware of scammers!

To purchase accounts, contact our support team @fbshop_aezakmi
Accounts specifications:

- RUSSIAN MOBILE IP / Resident IP by our own mobile farm: Megaphone, TELE 2, Rostelecom;




- BM CURRENCY (BUSINESS MANAGER) is Russian Ruble, also USD is in some accounts.


Warranty cases:

The account can be changed if a selfie or a phone number authentication is immediately requested when you log in;

In other cases, there is no warranty.
Up to 50 Accounts per month
50 Facebook accounts are available for buying per month
Available with paid CJ license
5 bonus accounts with first buying CJ license
Up to 300 Accounts per month
300Facebook accounts are available for buying per month
Available with paid Ballas license
5 bonus accounts with first buying Ballas license
Up to 700 Accounts per month
700Facebook accounts are available for buying per month
Available with paid Grove Street Familes license
5 bonus accounts with first buying Groove Street Familes license
Grove Street Familes
$3,14 per account
$3,14 per account
$3,14 per account
CJ Plan for 10 days + 10 Facebook accounts = $49

To buy Facebook accounts

text our support team @fbshop_aezakmi