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The AEZAKMI account is a login/password pair for accessing the service. You receive it after paying a monthly subscription, according to you Plan.

AEZAKMI Browser is an anti-detect browser that allows you to replace browser fingerprints of your PC when you work on the Internet. Operation and configuration of the browser consists of two parts. The first is the creation of a fingerprint profile in the personal account; the second is working with the created profiles through an extension in the browser.

The AEZAKMI fingerprint profile is a profile created in your account that includes such parameters as Screen Dimension, WEBRTC, WEBGL HASH, Language, GPS, Video Card, Time Zone, Canvas Hash, Audio Hash, WebGL Debug Vendor, User Agent, OS and Proxy. This is the very browser fingerprint.

The AEZAKMI browser profile is an environment where you can work with AEZAKMI fingerprints profiles. You will need to create several AEZAKMI Browser profiles in order to work simultaneously with multiple fingerprint profiles.

Q: How to start?

A: Run the installation of AEZAKMI on your PC. After the installation is completed, the browser profile icon AEZAKMI Browser 1, and the Create New Browser Profile icon will appear on the desktop.

Q: I installed AEZAKMI. What is next?

A: Launch AEZAKMI Browser 1. The login page opens, by default. Log in to your account. The Create new profile tab will open, by default. To create an AEZAKMI fingerprint profile, select the type of OS, browser, driver, and video card model. All fields are required. Click Generate. The system will create a new AEZAKMI fingerprint profile.

Q: When I choose a graphics device model, there are only 1-2-3-4 points. Does this mean that your system will create a limited number and very few dissimilar fingerprints?

A: No. This is just a device model. In reality, it uses randomization for creating the fingerprint. Our database contains more than 20K fingerprints of real user PCs from around the world. The database is updated regularly. Therefore, NO ONE PRINT IS LIKE ANOTHER, even with seemingly identical parameters.

Q: I need to use a proxy for my work. Can I connect different proxies to AEZAKMI?

A: Yes. It is enough when creating a new AEZAKMI fingerprint profile to switch the Enable Proxy slider to the active position. Choose a proxy type. In AEZAKMI, you can use http, https, sosks5, LTE-proxy. Just add IP-address, port and login / password. We recommend clicking on the "CHECK PROXY" button to apply the geo-location and time zone settings of your proxy server.

In AEZAKMI version 1.0, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies with login / password authorization are not connected, due to the technical features of the Chromium platform.

Q: What is Advanced Settings?

A: Advanced settings allow you to select manually the desired type of device, user agent, hardware, and so on. It is ONLY for the most sophisticated and experienced users.

ATTENTION! We recommend using advanced settings ONLY for experienced users to avoid detection and data leaks.

Q: I generated a new fingerprint profile, set up a proxy. What is next?

A: After all the settings have been made, enter the name for your profile in the row and press the SAVE button. Now your profile is saved on the server.

Q: I recorded a fingerprint profile. How do I get started?

A: Launch the AEZAKMI browser on your desktop. In the upper right corner, you will see an extension icon. Click on it and a form will open to enter the extension control panel. Log in using your login/password. Now you can use the created fingerprint profile.

Q: I did everything. After profile selection, the resolution of the browser window has changed, a green inscription Started with *profile name* appeared. How can I check if all settings have been applied?

A: In order to check the status of Audio prints, Canvas, Web GL and other fingerprints is launched in AEZAKMI browser, by default. You can verify for yourself that your device is now determined according to the current AEZAKMI fingerprint profile you created. We also recommend checking the proxy settings. Use the service to determine the degree of anonymity of the device. Your disguise is optimal if rate is 100%.

Q: How can I create another AEZAKMI fingerprint profile?

A: You can create a fingerprint profile in two ways. The first way is to log into your personal account and use the 'Create new profile' tab. The second way is an extension interface. Click on the extension icon and click the 'Create New Profile' button.

Q: How can I work with several AEZAKMI fingerprint profiles simultaneously?

A: For simultaneous work, you need to create an additional browser profile and configure the fingerprint profile in it. Click on the 'Create New Browser Profile' icon to create a new browser profile. A new AEZAKMI Browser will appear on the desktop. By default, the AEZAKMI personal account page opens Log in; create a new profile, as you did before. Connect the newly created fingerprint profile in the extension on the top right corner. You can rename the new AEZAKMI Browser icon for the current tasks for your convenience.

Q: I created and configured several fingerprint profiles, worked and want to close the browser(s). Are cookies, browser history, open tabs and sessions saved if I launch the same browser again?

A: If you want the state of the browser to remain the same the next time you open it, you do not need to leave the AEZAKMI account. You also do not need to turn off or change the profile of the AEZAKMI fingerprint. Just close the browser and that is it.

Q: What happens to the cookies, the history of tabs after closing or changing the AEZAKMI fingerprint profile?

A: AEZAKMI cookies are saved in the Local Storage of the AEZAKMI extension when you work with the fingerprint profile. It means that specific cookies, logged forms, open sessions, etc. correspond to a specific profile. This means that when you start a fingerprint profile, its stored data (cookies, login forms, open sessions, etc.) are loaded from Local Storage with it. Using a browser profile, you can freely switch between AEZAKMI fingerprint profiles. Enjoy comfortable work!

Q: I need to keep several browser profiles running for my work. Could this lead to OS crash / reboot and other troubles?

A: For modern PCs, it will be optimal to keep no more than 50 browser profiles running. System performance is affected not by the number of running browser profiles, but by the number of open tabs in each browser.

Q: I have a Json cookie. Can I transfer them to my profile?

A: Yes. You must install the 'EditThisCookie' extension in the target browser profile to make it. Select 'Import' from the menu and load the existing cookie file. If you want to save cookies, use 'Export'.

Q: Can I install extensions from the Chrome Web Store?

A: Yes, you can install extensions from the Chrome store. However, in this case we will not be able to guarantee 100% work of all anti-detection systems. Before installing the extension, it is better to consult with our support specialists.

Q: I have AEZAKMI fingerprint profiles with cookies, logged login forms, and connected proxies. How can I transfer a specific fingerprint profile to another device or to another AEZAKMI browser profile?

A: Open the AEZAKMI extension. Run the fingerprint profile. Click the 'Save Profile in file' button. Next, click 'Download'. The status of the fingerprint profile will be saved in the "Downloads" folder. To avoid accidental launching, exit the profile, then you will avoid the detection of dual input from antifraud systems.

Q: I work in a team. How can I transfer the print profile to another person?

A: This is a normal profile transfer procedure. Do the same steps as it is written in the previous paragraph. You can transfer a profile through a hard drive, via email, via instant messengers, etc.

Q: I do not understand anything. I cannot open any file. Nothing works.

A: Contact us. We will definitely help you figure it out.