$15 for 7 days of CJ plan

Dear friends!
Our support team is constantly receiving your requests to return the Arbitrage Betting Plan.
That is why we decided to make a special offer for those who are involved in the arbitration of sporting events.
$15 for 7 days on CJ plan
30 days
All browser fingerprint building options
Use several browser profiles simultaneously
Share browser profiles to AEZAKMI users
Create&Save up to 100 fingerprint profiles
7 days
  1. Promotional offer only for betting;
  2. Adopted for top antifraud systems;
  3. Unlimited number of concurrent sessions;
  4. Ideal for teams;
  5. Convenient accounts management. 1 account - 1 browser profile;
  6. Manual GEO change;
  7. It will not be cheaper anymore!
  1. This promotional offer is an extended test period for those involved in the arbitration of sports events.
  2. The user can use this promotion offer only once
  3. We removed restrictions on the number of parallel sessions, so the purchase of AEZAKMI in the fold has now become available
Contact us via Telegram @aezakmisupport